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Kurt & Camilla, & Adam Thometz photographed by Curt Hoppe

Kurt & Camilla, & Adam Thometz photographed by Curt Hoppe

Kurt Thometz

A bookseller since 1972, since 1980 a private librarian and writer.

Camilla Huey

Artist Camilla’s couture studio in NYC’s Garment District.  Her well received exhibition, The Loves of Aaron Burr, was featured at the Morris-Jumel Mansion through the summer of 2013.

Adam Thometz

A composed Dean’s List philosophy major, with a minor in psychology, the recent City College graduate reads and writes Latin, English, Arabic and music.  He’s presently about post-grad work towards a degree in Psychology and Education at Hunter College.


Adam, Camilla & Kurt Thometz

Adam, Camilla & Kurt Thometz, before.

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  1. we met a few years ago. i was visiting a friend, new to your neighbourhood, and we spotted your bookstore. it was open, we entered, i gasped and we stayed for an hour or so, chatting with you. i am a theatre guy—a lighting designer—pretty much retired. we talked about that, and a bit about your history and discussed how it all came to be.

    anyway, now i am writing a series of 250 word articles about nyc for a travel app out of amsterdam. i’m trying to alter their direction with entries of more eclectic or unusual or specialized interest. a bit new yorker-y or ny times-y than it’s been til now.

    i want to tell people to phone your shop before going. is that the best way for them to gain entry? i think you open only from time to time. if that’s it, that’s what i’ll write, but if there is more predictability, or appointments are taken, i’ll write that.

    i’ve loved your shop, just its idea, and it gives me solace. i always walk by when i go to marjorie eliot’s, and that, plus hearing the music waft from her apartment (if i’m late), gives me joy.

    you can write to me directly at ghdunbar@gmail dot com


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